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Why Can’t I Find a Security Door Made of Wood?

Have you been wondering why you just can’t find a security door for your home that is made from wood? Aluminium and steel, yes. Wood? No. There are some very good reasons for this!

Security doors work hard for you, keeping your home and household safe from burglars, pests and elemental hazards. They also work from the inside, securing children and pets safely indoors. It’s essential to find the right security door for your home and your needs – from security level to aesthetics; your needs are individual.

 Maybe you want a security door, but you don’t like the way galvanised steel looks. If you’ve been looking for a security door made of wood but haven’t been able to find one, there is a reason for that. Let’s take a look at why steel security doors perform better than wooden security doors.

Force and impact resistance

Wooden doors are simply unable to withstand heavy impact to the same degree as galvanised steel. It takes a much lower level of force to crack, dent or break a wooden door. By contrast, the sturdy metal exterior of steel doors makes them almost impenetrable.

Fire safety

Installing a fireproof security door can make a huge difference, especially to homes in bushfire areas. Sparks from bushfires can travel far beyond the front of the fire, meaning your home could be subject to a spot fire. Being fireproof means your Security door Melbourne will maintain its structural integrity in the event of a fire. There is simply no way to fireproof a wooden door.


Wooden doors are vulnerable to such conditions as harsh weather and insect infestations. Both of these can slowly break down the door, meaning they no longer perform their job as a security device to protect you and your household. Furthermore, you will be subject to paying for a replacement.

On the other hand, steel doors are impervious to insect infestations and harsh weather. Some people are turned off steel because they think a steel security door will rust over time. However, most steel doors — and indeed the high-quality steel doors sold at Jim’s Security Doors — are made of galvanised steel and are, therefore, waterproof.


A common misconception is that steel doors come at a higher price point than wood. This is actually far from true. Quality wooden doors are much harder to manufacture due to the natural materials involved. Steel, on the other hand, is readily available.

Style and appearance

Style and appearance will ultimately come down to personal preference. However, security doors are available in a range of styles from diamond grilles, ornate heritage cast-iron grilles or a sleek, modern mesh to suit any style of home. Furthermore, reputable manufacturers such as Jim’s Security Doors can provide a vast range of powder coating colour options that provide higher quality and a more durable finish than traditional painting methods. Whether you need a hinged or sliding door, there are plenty of options to suit your home.

Jim’s Security Doors products are designed for safety, security, aesthetics and convenience. Made in Australia from premium materials, Jim’s Security Doors offer an unrivalled range of security doors coupled with the legendary Jim’s Group customer service and satisfaction guarantee. Our highly experienced security door consultants come to your home at a time that’s convenient to you to assess your home’s security door requirements as well as providing a free measure and quote.

Jim’s Security Doors uses only the highest quality materials to manufacture security doors and screens, and this is why you will not find a Jim’s security door made of wood. If you are looking for a new security door but are concerned that you won’t be able to find one to match your style or budget, get in touch with Jim’s Security Doors on 13 15 46 for a free consultation, measure and quote.

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