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Need a sliding security door-Melbourne Victoria

Why do you need a sliding security door?

Is your sliding door secure against thieves and prowlers? Sliding doors are fairly common in Australian homes, particularly to the rear of homes to allow easy access to backyards, unfortunately, they can be easy for burglars to break in through unless they are designed to be secure.

Sliding glass doors are great for so many reasons. They’re great for back doors, overlooking back yards, perfect for opening onto balconies and decks, and for spaces that are too tight for a swinging door. But, is your sliding door secure? Here’s why you should consider installing a sliding security door at your home:

Pros of sliding doors are:

  • They let in light;
  • They don’t take up much space;
  • They allow for great views and easy supervision of kids playing outside while adults are inside.

Cons of sliding doors are:

  • They are a security risk;
  • The visual access goes both ways so a prowler can easily see into your home;
  • The large area of glass and tracks that require cleaning make them a high-maintenance door choice.

The good news is, there are ways to turn the cons into pros so you can enjoy the benefits of sliding doors without the security risk.

Why so risky?

Any glass surface is a security risk. The glass used indoors and windows are tempered so it is formulated to shatter into tiny cubes rather than large shards. This makes it much safer if there is a well-wacked cricket ball heading its way. But it is also easier for a criminal to break the glass to gain entry to your house.

Sliding doors are also less secure because they do not have a fixed point like hinged doors do, so they can be lifted off their tracks.

The solutions to these problems are:

  • A sliding security screen door and grille; and
  • A solid pin lock to keep doors attached to their tracks.

Security doors are the clear solution

You can have your beautiful views and light-filled living room, without skimping on security. With a security screen door, you also get the benefit of airflow without the bugs.

Security Doors Melbourne are specialists in sliding doors and can visit your home for a free measure and quote. They can help you choose which type of mesh and grille would work best to protect your home from intruders in a design to suit the aesthetic of your home and your personal taste.

Because Jim’s Security Doors are custom-made, you can choose from super-strong PerfGuard which is made of 1.6mm thick perforated aluminum mesh.

ScreenGuard has woven 316 marine-grade stainless steel mesh. It is Australian designed and engineered and can be used on large panels without sagging.

One-way Privacy Mesh also provides top-level security while limiting the view from outside, yet you are able to see out from inside. It comes in two thicknesses. The heavy mesh can be used on its own while the lighter mesh is an excellent option to team with a classic diamond grille or a customized heritage design in cast aluminum.

There is also PetMesh — great if you have furry family members who tend to claw at the door. Constant clawing can shorten the life of an ordinary fly screen whereas PetMesh is designed to withstand poochy paws and kitty claws, ensuring your door stays secure for longer.

All of the mesh options at Jim’s Security Door Melbourne are made to Australian Standards, which means they are tested to withstand a knife attack and pressure. Grilles are welded to the light and strong aluminum frames for maximum security.

Pin lock it

The experts at Jim’s Security Doors can also with advice about locks, especially for vulnerable sliding doors. A strong pin bolt lock is a great way to foil a robbery by making sure the door cannot be lifted from its tracks. Must visit Property Conveyancing Brisbane and Property Conveyancing Melbourne for the best lawyers and solicitors they will also assist you with the safety and security of your property.

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