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How much does a steel security door cost

How much does a steel security door cost? 

There are several important factors to consider when buying a security door for your home, but the main ones are quality, materials, design, and cost. If it is just flies and insects that you want to keep out of your house, cheap magnetic-strip fly screens are available from most hardware stores. But if you want a strong security door to last, look good and keep your home safe for years to come, it’s worth investing in quality.

A security door needs to keep out more than flying insects. When you are home alone and a stranger knocks at your door, a locked security door is your shield. When you are away from the house, the deadlocked security door is your home’s first line of defense.  For best advice please contact Conveyancing Brisbane for the safety and security of your property.

Best choice: ScreenGuard

Cost: $900-$1000

Experts say a steel-framed door is the strongest choice and you can choose top-quality steel mesh for maximum strength and durability. Jim’s Security Doors Melbourne top seller is the ScreenGuard door which is the best option when it comes to security screens and doors. The mesh is made from 316 marine-grade stainless steel mesh and is so strong, you do not need grilles or bars.

Quality and durability: Sometimes it’s the thing you don’t see that gives you the most value. ScreenGuard Security Doors are manufactured to Australian Standards AS 5039-2003. They have been tested against a knife attack, impact, and jemmy or jimmy attack (prying open with a heavy lever such as a crowbar). This means they will withstand most attacks used by thieves. Because they are fabricated to Australian Standards, the steel has been formulated to be corrosion resistant. If you live in a bushfire-prone region, there is also a Bushfire-rate version available, which has been tested to BAL 40 (Bushfire Attack Level). This is the second-highest of the six bushfire attack levels for building material and means it is engineered to withstand increasing levels of ember attack and burning debris ignited by wind-borne embers together with increased likelihood of exposure to flames. ScreenGuard doors come with a 10-year warranty from the date of installation.

Installation: To ensure your security door is actually secure, quality installation is the key. An ill-fitted door offers intruders away in. Jim’s Security Doors offer a free measure and quote. Installation is included in the cost of the door and to meet Australian Standards (AS 5040).

Good looks: Once your ScreenGuard security door is installed, you will see why the benefits. The strong mesh is pulled tight and will not sag. It is the ultimate in security, visibility, and style.

When you think of how often you will use your security door over a period of 10 years, be it for safe airflow and insect control or for security, even if this is a clear visual signal to offenders that says, ‘don’t even bother trying to break into this house’ a top-quality steel door works out to be a great value.

Best aluminum option: PerfGuard

Cost: $900-$1000

 PerfGuard is another top-selling security door from Jim’s Security Doors. PerfGuard comes with a seven-year warranty and costs in the $900-$1000 price range. You can rest assured that PerfGuard provides top-level protection from break-ins. When you choose Jim’s Security Doors, you know your PerfGuard meets Australian Standards for security (AS 5039-2003) and installation (AS 5040).

Classic option: Diamond grille

Cost: from $400

The base-level diamond-grille security door with quality mesh offers great security, expertly installed at a lower price. The grille style has been proven effective for decades in Australian homes.

Mix and mesh

Mixing aluminum components can be a great idea for a lighter door and increased resistance to corrosion. It is possible to combine the durability and lightness of aluminum frames and grilles with the strength of steel mesh. Talk to the experts at Jim’s Security Doors about the best options. They know how to consider your home’s style and the weather conditions in your particular region to make sure you are getting the best door for your home at a price that suits your budget.

A well-fitted security door also adds value to your home and takes dollars off your power bill by promoting airflow without air-conditioning.

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